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Mosaic Masterminds helps learners of all types to improve their academic performance and higher-level thinking by offering unique and individualized learning experiences that increase personal growth and raise self-esteem.

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Our Process

  • Meeting (Introduction)

    Scholar is matched with a mastermind based on availability, personality, and interests; and an email introduction will follow.

    Mastermind meets with scholar and parent to become acquainted, discuss learning goals and expectations, and create a weekly schedule.
  • Measurement (Assessment)

    Mastermind explores and assesses scholar’s level of subject matter understanding and works to discern scholar’s ideal communication and learning styles.

    Mastermind will use brief assignments, concept tests or other techniques to determine how to prepare for tutoring sessions.
  • Management (Tutoring)

    Streamlined sessions will be conducted to enhance scholar’s learning.

    Mastermind and scholar will work on skills enhancement, and you will receive lesson notes via email or text message after each lesson.
  • Mastery (Proficiency)

    Knowledge is applied directly and used innovatively to develop scholar’s skills and abilities.

    Scholar learns the importance of processing information through practice, effort, patience and repetition.

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  • Barb S.
    "My daughter has always struggled with math, but in her sophomore year of high school, she was especially having trouble with Geometry. She tried the after-school program, but there wasn’t enough individual help available. I am an elementary school teacher, but tenth-grade Geometry was confusing to me also.  I asked different colleagues of mine if they knew of any tutors who could help my daughter. April Ruiz came highly recommended by a former colleague of mine. She is a wonderful tutor and extremely qualified in many different areas of math as well as preparing students for standardized college admission tests.  She is very warm and patient with her students. My daughter felt very comfortable with April during her sessions. I would recommend April Ruiz to anyone seeking additional support in math or test-taking skills.”
    Barb S.
  • Savannah S.
    “In my sophomore year of high school, I was struggling terribly with Geometry. I went to the afterschool tutoring offered by the school, but there were usually many students looking for help and not enough teachers to assist everyone. My mom found me a tutor: April Ruiz. April is a very patient and knowledgeable person in many different areas of math. She explains the Geometry steps clearly and shows you many examples to help you learn. I felt confident when I worked with April, and she never made me feel less intelligent if I did not understand something. I would highly recommend April as a tutor for anyone who is struggling with math, preparing for college admissions tests, and improving their study skills. Thank you, April for all your encouragement and support during our sessions. You have taught me skills I can use in future math classes and in my everyday life.”
    Savannah S.
  • Amina R.
    “April Ruiz is by far the best tutor in Grand Rapids. When we began searching for a tutor, so many people told us to get in touch with her. I love that she is genuinely concerned about my daughter’s progress educationally as well as mentally. She goes above and beyond to make sure that my daughter is able to grasp the material she is struggling with. I wouldn’t trade her for the world!”
    Amina R.
  • Huemartin R.
    “My daughter has been receiving tutoring from Mosaic Masterminds for the past two years, mainly concentrating in Spanish and various math disciplines. It has been my pleasure to see April nurture, direct, and encourage her to put her best foot forward. Her GPA has skyrocketed from a 2.85 to a 3.7, and her academic confidence is through the roof!  April truly has a gift for working with young people. I would recommend her services to any parent wishing to see their child succeed.”
    Huemartin R.
  • Sinell R.
    “When I started Mosaic Masterminds, I was struggling a lot with Spanish, and I never really understood the material the way my teachers were teaching it. Mosaic Masterminds really showed me a new teaching style and a new way to learn in order to grasp the material better. I have showed major improvement in my Spanish. I appreciate working with Ms. April, and I will definitely continue to do so for the rest of my high school career.”
    Sinell R.
  • Brian W.
    “One of my goals in life was to go back and obtain my high school diploma as an adult. With the help of Mosaic Masterminds, I was given the confidence and educational tools that help me to achieve that goal. I could not have done it without the help of April.  Thank you so much for all your help!”
    Brian W.
  • Raynard and Sherrie R.
    "April provided a prescriptive tutoring session each week to our children. She took the time to tailor each weekly tutoring session to current academic needs based on weekly feedback from teachers, students, grade reports and discussions with us (parents). April provided support in homework and test preparation in a range of subjects including advanced Spanish, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra II, and Geometry. Additionally, April took the time to follow up with us after each session, providing details from the session and suggestions for next steps and ways we could support our students at home."
    Raynard and Sherrie R.
  • Natasha J.
    “When April tutored my son, we received individualized and personal attention. I appreciate how she truly cares for the overall success of both the student and the parent. I believe in her vision and values, and I loved working with her!”
    Natasha J.
  • Kyle and Petra R.
    “April is a top-notch tutor who is able to cover many different subject. We appreciate that she not only covers the specific subject, but she also works with the students on life skills. She is able to reinforce the things that parents and teachers are already saying. It has been a joy to work with her.”
    Kyle and Petra R.
  • Madison W.
    “Ms. April is an awesome tutor and teaches math in a way that my other tutors could not. For example, Ms. April helps make math fun and focuses on things that I specifically need help with.  She teaches math in a way you can easily understand, and she can accommodate your specific needs in other subjects.”
    Madison W.
  • McKinley W.
    “Ms. April is a great tutor who is kind and fun.  Sometimes she lets me play games.  She has made confusing school problems a lot more understanding.”
    McKinley W.
  • Malinda P.
    “April understands the mindset of a teenager and is willing to push back when a student produces excuses versus work. I appreciate her through and regular updates on progress. She communicated well and includes the teacher so that all the adults are on the same page in helping child.”
    Malinda P.
  • Tracy R.
    “April was highly recommended to me by a family member. I reached out to April requesting assistance to help get my sons back on track. Once we connected, her passion for education was evident from day one. Her tutoring atmosphere is extremely clean, warm, peaceful and organized, and she held both my sons accountable for their work and preparation for their tutoring sessions. One son is now in high school, and the other has since graduated from college. I would highly recommend April to anyone who's in need of a tutor. She gets 5 stars from me, and she has truly been a blessing to my family.”
    Tracy R.