Support for Individuals & Small Businesses

You deserve the best shot at landing your well-deserved opportunities, and you can trust Mosaic Masterminds for professional assistance.

Our services are listed below.

Business Funding

Have a great product or service you want to share with the world? Looking to scale your business but need financial help to reach your goals? Work with us to present your business to not 1 or 2 funders but an entire marketplace of lenders to get you the best rates, terms, and amounts on business loans. Let us help you get the funding you need!

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Bookkeeping & Tax

We partner with a company whose business support services are stellar. Whether you need help with full-charge bookkeeping, billing, accounts receivable, collections, or tax preparation, we can connect you with professionals who will bring your existing financials up to date and manage your books with accuracy and integrity.

Translation & Interpretation

Today’s dynamic world shows us many ways to stay competitive and relevant in business. One such way is to have information readily available in more than one language. Sometimes machine translators can make mistakes by being too literal, losing the intended meaning of words or phrases. We can express your words just the way you like. We can also provide conversational interpretation in both real-time and recorded formats. Expand your potential audience by using our accurate communication services. (Currently offering translation and interpretation between English and Spanish and English and Arabic).

Editing and Proofreading

Everyone makes mistakes, but your documents should be error-free. A keen eye for detail means everything when orchestrating and finalizing a high-quality, written product. Mosaic Masterminds specializes in editing, proofreading, and even revision services if desired, and our grammar, spelling, and punctuation are impeccable. Whether a collegiate essay, speech, or business report, we work hard to make your text look great.

Stellar résumés

It may seem more modest to simply list employment history and a few accomplishments than to ‘brag’ about your skills, but employers need to be impressed. A résumé that lacks explicit ability and experience may end up at the bottom of an applicant pile or even discarded. Your newly-created or updated résumé will include impeccable grammar, spelling and strong word choices.

Presentations that pop

An interactive visual tends to engage an audience if it accompanies a presentation. When used effectively, tools like PowerPoint can help a presenter convey powerful messages to his or her viewers. It is important for individuals and businesses alike to make lasting impressions on their clients. Mosaic Masterminds can create solid PowerPoint presentation for your next meeting, demonstration or speaking engagement.

Striking cover letters

Sometimes we tend to shy away from highlighting our strengths for fear of sounding boastful. Exuding confidence and assuring competence are actually the intentions of a cover letter. Always consider the overwhelmed hiring manager who’s tasked with sifting 100+ job applications. You can’t afford to not stand out, and a lackluster cover letter may result in a disregarded résumé. Let Mosaic Masterminds ‘introduce’ you to your future boss the right way.

Well-crafted spreadsheets

Storing and organizing information should not have to be a hardship. We generate pages and databases that allow you to track performance and even manage complex calculations with simple oversight. Whether basic or multifaceted, let us help you keep great records of your data by arranging it in ways that are non-stressful and user-friendly.

Attractive LinkedIn profiles

You’ve heard the phrase ‘It’s not about what you know, but who you know.’ This statement carries merit. Who you know may help to open doors of opportunity, while what you know may keep you growing in your career. Roughly 8 out of 10 recruiters use LinkedIn before other employment applications. That social media platform is a technological powerhouse is today’s reality. Capitalize on this reality by exposing yourself to an online world of professionals. More visibility can yield stronger networks, and with such presence on the World Wide Web, you must look well rounded.

Business Plan Writing

Because each business brings its own unique potential, you must make sure your enterprise opportunities and challenges are clearly defined. However, many entrepreneurs aren't sure where to start. Let our business plan writers and consultants take the guesswork off your plate. We will build your business plan to suit your company and its specific needs, which will help better position you for funding opportunities.