About Us

Mosaic Masterminds helps learners of all types to improve their academic performance and higher-level thinking by offering unique and individualized learning experiences that increase personal growth and raise self-esteem. Mosaic Masterminds (formerly known as A.D.M. Tutoring) was founded in 2003 in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a response to a growing plea from parents for academic assistance for their children. It began by providing one-on-one, in-person tutoring services to supplement traditional classroom instruction for students in the Greater Grand Rapids Area. Mosaic Masterminds has grown to offer in-person and virtual services for all learners, including both traditional and nontraditional students of all ages.

To meet the growing demand of requests for quality tutoring services, our founder developed a network of tutors. The Mosaic Masterminds tutoring network now consists of several talented and experienced educators who are passionate about helping others learn. Its back-to-basics model allows for diverse approaches to instruction and facilitates learning in creative ways. The Mosaic Masterminds tutoring network operates differently from other educational service companies that may use uniform approaches to tutoring all students. We believe in personalized sessions in caring environments where students can focus according to their learning styles and needs.