April Harvey Ruiz

April Harvey Ruiz has 19 years of experience in education. She is fiercely passionate about academic excellence and educational equity. She has spent her career supporting businesses in the private, city government, nonprofit and education sectors. April, a seasoned education consultant and adjunct professor, has also worked as a substitute school teacher and a professional tutor of many subjects at her local community college. She holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in international business.

April has worked with several area school districts, colleges, and universities to provide academic support for students. As a provider of professional and private tutoring services, her work has helped students increase their proficiencies and test scores in various K-12 subjects and collegiate courses.

April coordinated numerous academic programs and special projects and has worked with The Grand Rapids Student Advancement Foundation, Grand Rapids Public Schools, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, The University of Texas Children’s Health Institute, Great Minds in STEM, Grand Valley State University, Calvin College and dozens of community organizations.

Based on her career of academic advocacy, April is an expert in guiding tactical efforts for students, families and businesses that seek to adopt promising educational practices in their homes and communities. She works vigorously to inspire students to think differently about learning!

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